About Us

Our consulting practices for Business, Administrative Services, Technology Services and Wealth Management work with clients across industries such as financial, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc., to increase their profitability and accelerate revenue growth. We help integrate appropriate domain expertise and skills in management consulting, business analysis, wealth management and digital technology - to drive transformation for our customers.
Our business consulting experts embrace your business needs and with you throughout the life cycle of your solution. From the definition of your strategy to managing your ecosystem, they provide support, expertise and experience and accompany you as your business grows and changes. When you choose to work with Malgangas Consultancy, our promise is a commitment to your best interests, not just our own bottom line.

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We are a strategic, influential and credible leader in the areas of technology services, consulting and IT infrastructure solutions. We are here to offer Business and technology consulting services to help you overcome the difficulties of managing your technology on a budget and with the best technology and services available. Our Wealth Management services and solutions are specifically designed for your current business needs and to align with your strategic goals.
Malgangas Consultancy is a prestigious name in offering consulting services for Business, Administrative Services, Technology Services and Wealth Management to identify, define, develop and implement strategies that drive companies towards their growth. Our consultants because of their profound skills in the domain always have a vision of a long-term approach. To offer the right plan for your business, our experts ensure that you understand your vision, goals, IT environment and company guidelines.

We are offering marketing consulting service for business.

  • Honest And Easy Answers

    We will never use technical terms or jargon to promote you to solutions that you don't need. You have the right to get answers to your questions in a way that is direct, easy to understand, and allows you to make the most educated decisions for your business.

  • Solutions That Suit Your Needs

    When you work with Malgangas Consultancy, we will assess the landscape of your current business, as well as where you will go in the future, to make recommendations that fit your current needs and support future growth. In your future success, we want to be the partner.

  • Partners You Can Trust

    We only succeed if you have an IT solution that can grow to your needs. We will always act in accordance with the future of your company, from the beginning to the end.

  • Our Mission

    We are an international consulting company specialized in processes, projects and change management. Our mission is to exceed expectations in providing the best service, unexpected quality, and exceptional value, for our clients' partners and employees. We will always focus on making a significant impact on our client's mission while making a substantial positive impact on the community we serve.

  • Our Vision

    To be the partner of choice for your organization and consultants by building strong relationships, providing reliable solutions and resources, and always producing extraordinary results for our clients. We want to be a trusted part of the life of every business owner, every day, with something we have given them, taught them or inspired them to do it. With our consulting services, you will only talk with experienced experts who have detailed knowledge of your company's IT environment and can help you quickly resolve any problems immediately!